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Grading and Reporting

Duluth Public Schools values the reporting of student progress in order to provide families with timely, accurate, and useful information on student achievement. 

All learners, given the opportunity, can pursue their highest potential.  A standards-based reporting system is an objective means of communicating progress and mastery of grade level specific standards.

Goals in Grading and Reporting Student Work:

  • Reflects academic progress.
  • Contains meaningful information.
  • Is objective, fair, and useful.
  • Measures publicly-declared standards.
  • Is criterion referenced.
  • Reflects consistency among courses, grade levels, departments, and schools. 
  • Grades will not include non-academic factors like participation or effort.

Standards, Curriculum Review, and Grade Reporting In Minnesota, standards for curricular areas are written by state committees and approved by legislative vote on a regular review and adoption basis.  The standards ensure that students throughout the state will receive instruction and be assessed according to how well they demonstrate a given standard.  This approach in reporting more accurately shows how much a student knows and is able to do, rather than behavior or work habits, which are reported separately.
Duluth Public Schools are involved in a multi-year process of reviewing, writing, and assessing curricular standards and their alignment to the courses taught K-12.