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School gardens are living laboratories that create teaching opportunities ripe for nutrition and agriculture education and experiential education across all disciplines. School gardens have been around for over 100 years, and school districts continue to use them today to establish healthy eating habits; as educational tools in the classroom; and to promote community inclusion.

Our students learn to grow many different types of plants from vegetables to tulips and more. Our goals include: 

  • Providing kids with enriching, cross-curricular, hands-on outdoor learning experiences.
  • Utilizing the garden to support standards-based learning.
  • Increasing the use of the existing Outdoor Classroom upon returning to renovated school.
  • Raising students' interest in healthy foods and willingness to try new fresh foods.
  • Engaging students in the planning, growing and harvesting of fresh produce.
  • Cultivating ecologically, socially and sustainable-minded citizens.
Collage of Myers-Wilkins student picking and cleaning vegetables from the school garden